Medicare and Aging

In collaboration with the Medicare Rights Center, we offered a limited two-week preview screening of You See Me. The screening period concluded with an online discussion with Producer/Director Linda J. Brown and Client Services Director Fred Riccardi of the Medicare Rights Center. The online discussion will be available to those who registered for the screening. Click here for details.

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Over 50 million Americans have the right to expect a Medicare program that gets it right.

A new vision for aging

Different stories with a common solution

Challenging how we think about aging

Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) help pay your Medicare costs if you have limited finances. There are three main programs, and each has different income eligibility limits. If you enroll in an MSP, you will also automatically get Extra Help, the federal program that helps pay most of Your Medicare prescription drug (Part D) plan costs.

Medicare Savings Program

What would you do if you were asked to participate in age discrimination?

Age Discrimination fact sheet

A fun look at ageism