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Strong, powerful filmmaking!!!  Raw and Beautiful!

Profound, heartbreaking & heartwarming

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You See Me screened at my home town festival. It was the first time many of my longtime friends saw the film. 

Thoughts from other filmmakers.

You See Me screened in Poland at the Warsaw Film School. The night of the screening the students were not very responsive. However, the next day they all wanted to talk about the film. I asked, why today and not last night after the screening? They said, it was emotional and powerful and they needed time to process the film. Here’s what some had to say.

Campus Theatre Denton, TX

Special Moments

You See Me screened at over thirty festivals, countless universities and professional conferences and has great reviews on IMDb but a touching review appeared on facebook after a screening in Texas.  Just saw a screening of YOU SEE ME. Director Brown made me–a crusty old Texan –cry, and not just once! The story though revealing, also pedestrian, hardly an exceptional story of this American’s family life. But through its intelligence and craft, it rises to the level of fine art that is expansive, poignant and healing. Thanks Professor Brown for showing how a common family story can be told through film to be deeply affecting. Don Hancock, -Denton, TX

Linda & TX friend Don Hancock